TSCM / Bug Sweep Services

Protecting your privacy, whether it be in your home or your office, is a top priority for RMS Protective Services.  The technology and availability of eavesdropping devices is greater then it has ever been in history.  The desires of the unscrupulous to gather information and data from their adversaries using these tools is higher then ever before. We help stop them.

Your privacy in your office, home and other private spaces should be certain. However the ability for others to invade those private areas and gather information they shouldn’t have has become easier and easier in recent years.  The price and availability of devices that help those with bad intentions into your private business make it easier than ever.

The RMS Bug Sweep / Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM ) team has the equipment and resources to locate, disable and prevent invasions on your privacy. Because of this we are able to locate hidden cameras, hidden Wi-Fi devices, hidden listening devices, GPS Trackers, hidden motion detectors and much more.

In addition to locating and disabling these devices we can examine the devices in your home to determine if you own devices are being used against you.   In today’s world we have unprecedented access to bandwidth which means unprecedented access to you data. Devices such as Amazon Alexa and Echo, Google Wi-Fi and many more make your life easier, however what the manufactures don’t tell you is they are constantly working to combat breaches on those devices.

Everything from your washer and dryer, refrigerator and ovens are becoming more and more connected. Everyday this risk for intruders increases.  Our team can help you overcome your privacy concerns.


If you would like to discuss your TSCM / Bug Sweep Needs please feel free to contact our offices 24 Hours a Day 365 Days a Week. We can be reached by calling our Toll Free Number at 800-RMS-9546 or emailing info@rmsiusa.com