Lyndon Brentnall

Lyndon currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of RMS Protective Services. After retiring from the Royal Air Force, Lyndon took on various executive management positions throughout Europe and the Middle East.  Lyndon’s experience in managing large work forces throughout the world has allowed him to grow the RMS work force footprint tremendously throughout his tenure at the corporate helm.

You Can Email Lyndon Here: Lyndon Brentnall

You Can Contact Lyndon Directly At:  727-424-8061

Matthew Nelson

Matt currently serves as Executive Vice President for RMS Protective Services. After retiring as a Major from the United States Marine Corps, Matt joined the private market and began serving clients in the security and intelligence fields. Matt’s experience and expertise has helped RMS serve our clients and increase the products and services we offer.

You Can Email Matt Here: Matthew Nelson

You Can Contact Matt Directly At:  561-373-8138

Steven Rachminov

Steven currently serves as Executive Vice President at RMS Protective Services. Steven has a diverse background in security, event management and gemology having run U.S.operations for two global armored truck companies successfully managing overseas shipments of priceless cargo, diamonds and jewelry.

You Can Email Steven Here : Steven Rachminov

You Can Contact Steven Directly At: 917-295-2139