RMS Protective Services is a leading provider of security related risk management services. Providing armed Close Protection Officers (CPO’s), planning and vetting for travel and movement of products via our Protective Transport Officers (PTO’s). In addition RMS Protection Services provides a specialized team of Surveillance Detection Specialists who have a dual role.   Surveillance with the purpose of identifying and responding to threats and risks for our client.

Close Protection Operations

Close protection is the practice of assigning to a security team to an individual, or group of individuals that are facing some risk based on current events or political or economic status.  The RMS Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) take this position of trust very serious.  We as a company take these assignments very seriously.

The first and most recognizable difference in the RMS approach to close protection is the appearance.  The norm in the industry is dark suite, sunglasses and ear pieces, we have not and will not feed that culture in our close protection teams.  Our teams are they to blend, allow the client to live their life, conduct their business and carry out daily tasks without a overly obvious team of guys in dark suites dictating which side of the sidewalk they should walk on.

Let’s start by discussing our approach to matching a team of CPO’s to a client. First and foremost is the clients comfort level with the team leader, the team members and support staff.  Our client must be confident and comfortable with the close protection team they have. If they are not the team and the client have a level of discomfort that effects the team’s ability to react.

Second is the cultural differences or similarities. For example placing a team of English speaking CPO’s with a client who only speaks Arabic will cause problems.  Although this seems obvious we have taken over details in the past that were unsuccessful because the company we relieved failed to know their client even on the simplest levels.  Similar cultures tend to blend better.

Additionally the entire team is designed on threat level and response skill set.  If the threat level rises but your CPO’s skillset does not, the ultimate result will be an ineffective team and in worse case scenarios injury or even death for the client.

All of this being said, RMS’s Protection teams are developed with training and resources that we feel equips them with the ability to operate and manage almost any situation our clients may be facing.

Data Resource Officer (DRO’s) support the team leader and close protection officer’s on details by gathering data and information from a wide range of real time sources that allow our teams to adapt and prepare for things that staff on the detail may not have ever known.

What does a CPO team usually consist of?

  • Close Protection Team Lead (CPTL)
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Close Protection Drivers
  • Stationary or Site Close Protection Officers
  • DATA Resource Officer (DRO)
  • Close Protection Communication Officer (Equipment)


Surveillance Detection

A very large part of our protections services operations is done in conjunction with our Surveillance Detection teams.  This, combined with our Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) provides our clients with protection that is second to none.

Protective Transport

RMS Protective Transport Officers (PTO) specialize in protecting high value or sensitive items while in transport.  Clients send items from any location around the world and the RMS protective transport coordinator arranges for the logistics and staff to protect the cargo from start point to end point.

Transportation operations can be from just a few miles to around the world. Our team is experienced in developing plans of action to protect your assets no matter where or how long they need to.

In addition to cargo and assets we provide protective transport and logistics for people as well.  Executives traveling for sensitive meetings, carrying sensitive documents or traveling into hostile environments are prime candidates for our protective transport services.

Items We Protect

  • Jewelry
  • Sensitive Documents
  • Artfifacts
  • High Dollar Cargo
  • At Risk Cargo
  • Bonds / Securities
  • Corporate Secrets

People We Protect

  • Executives
  • Witnesses
  • Dignitaries
  • At Risk Families

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