The RMS Maritime Security teams are professionals with the maritime experience to protect crew lives, cargo and the business continuity plans of the route.  All of the RMS Maritime Protection Officer (MPO’s) are former law enforcement or military with the added training and certifications required to professionally perform security services at sea.

Our MPO’s work closely with the Master to address risks as they arise while underway.  Our MPO’s understand the use of weapons and or deadly force is the last resort and ship hardening and response planning can greatly reduce the requirement for use of force. However having MPO’s onboard with the training and skill set to utilize the force necessary at the Master’s command.

RMS Maritime division operates following BMP for ships facing high risk piracy areas. These practices allow us to utilize techniques and perform functions that are proven to be the best known practices for responding to and preventing piracy.  That being said we will always evaluate, adapt and update our BMP’s as needed and as the pirates change their operations.

What Do Our MPO’s and Maritime Teams Do

  • Provide Training to Crew in a wide range of issues such as security awareness and utilizing crew members based on skill set and abilities.
  • Vessel Hardening
  • Advise the Master on Piracy issues and Intelligence Updates
  • Continually gather data for analyzing and to update the SVSRA (Specific Voyage Risk Assessment
  • Operate the vessels surveillance systems
  • Operate the early warning system and conduct training exercises.
  • Deter attacks using standard response plans.
  • Respond to attacks utilizing approved (by Master) response
  • Support the vessels emergency response plans for first aid and casualties.
  • Arrange for ship escorts when national laws or regulations prevent armed guard use.

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